Tosh Alexander bubbling hot like fire chats with Silver Star Sound

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Earlier this year Tosh signed with the United Kingdom-based BrukOut label, which is distributed by Polydor Records, an affiliate of Universal Music. The label, BrukOut was launched two years ago by BBC Radio 1xtra’s Seani B to promote and celebrate Caribbean music and culture.

Brooklyn, New York-born Tosh Alexander is of Jamaican parentage. She was raised in Jamaica and attended Immaculate Conception High School before relocating to Florida. She was a member of girl group Xclusive which was managed by Makael Manley, former guitarist with The Commodores.

Gussy: Tell us a little bit about your story? 

Tosh Alexander:  I was born in Brooklyn New York to Jamaican parents.  I moved back to Jamaica at age 3 till right about my adolescence and then moved back to Florida for my high school. I also did my college in Florida. I moved back to Jamaica again two years ago. You hear the influence from both environments. I never left my Jamaican roots nor ever was I tempted to change my nationality. I was confident and proud of my Jamaican roots.

Gussy: Tell us about your music venture? 

Tosh Alexander:  I did most of my recordings and music venture in the states. I started professionally doing music in America. Then two years ago, I committed to moving back and doing music now in Jamaica. In the states I worked with very talented people including Cool & Dre, Busta Rhymes, Pharell, Nicki Minaj, been blessed to do background vocals for The Game, Fabulous and many more talented acts. In Jamaica I’ve been blessed to work with Leftside, Jammys, Tony Kelly, Baby G, Ward 21’s Suku on productions. 

Gussy: Tell us about this new Tosh Alexander sound? 

Tosh Alexander: You guys heard ‘Bubble Fi Me’ but when I went back to Jamaica, the first song I released was called ‘Ready Fi Dem.’ That was the first time I fused lingua and Dancehall, with melody on like a high up-tempo high-energy track. For ‘Bubble’ I just said forget the pretty melody and I went raw. With the new Tosh Alexander sound, it was a rebirth for me going back home. It definitely helps me to tap more into who really and truly I am, I was in America for quite a long time, trying to conform to their sound and missing the root of me in it, that is my Jamaican background. 

Gussy: What are you working on?

Tosh Alexander:  I am currently working on a project but am not sure if I want it to be released as an EP or as an album. I am working on releasing music. I’m a fan of music first and like many people I listen to an artist first and then do my research on previous music etc. 

Gussy: Let us talk “Bubble.”

Tosh Alexander:  The track was produced by Benjamin and Dready, mixed by Suku. We signed the single to Bruk Out label

Gussy: How did the hook up with Seani B happen?

Tosh Alexander:  I actually met him on Welcome to Jamrock Cruise and he was like, ‘now I actually put the face to the name.’ He reminded me of a song I did years ago, didn’t even know he knew about that song. When we released ‘Bubble’; my manager believed it so much she stayed awake all night sending the track to different people. Seani B reacted instantly that he needed that tune. We signed the papers instantly and I became a part of the Bruk Out family. That is why am here, doing the promos. Am forever grateful. I always wanted to be on these sides. I feel like the UK truly appreciates different types of sounds.

Gussy: Is this your first time in UK?

Tosh Alexander:  It is not actually my first time, but it is my first time coming here and actually going round. Seani has really been a good host, I must admit.

Gussy: Many thanks for your time Tosh. Any shout outs?

Tosh Alexander:  I want to shout out my manager, Tara Playfair Scott a big shout out to the Bruk Out Family, and make sure to follow me on my social media platforms @ToshAlexander and gwan stream ‘Bubble,’ it is available on all digital platforms. Thank you for everyone who has supported us this far, thank you for having us on your show and thank you for playing ‘Bubble.’ It means a lot for me.

Written by Vincent Libosso 

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