ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff? Bob Marley documentary on Netflix

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42 years later, the big question on who shot Bob Marley and what was his/her intention gets revisited in a new trailer for Netflix’s Re Mastered, an investigative documentary team hints at possible answers.

The documentary series investigates high-profile events affecting some of the most legendary names in music, presenting groundbreaking discoveries and insights beyond what’s been previously reported.

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The December 1976 attempt on Marley took place at Marley’s Kingston mansion, amidst a complex web of political tensions in the mid-1970’s in Jamaica, and just days before he was scheduled to perform at a high-profile concert for peace.

The first track of the Re Mastered series investigates who is responsible for the shooting of legendary musician Bob Marley. Watch Who Shot the Sheriff, only on Netflix October 12th.