Munga ‘Nah Mad’ returns artist to mainstream

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Yes , Yes! Munga return to the mainstream with his single “Nah Mad”. 

After a brief hiatus coupled with some legal troubles, Munga Honorable is now back on the Dancehall airwaves with some new music.

Some would say “Nah Mad” is a comeback hit for the singjay. The track has been doing very well locally and internationally.

The Magical Studio-directed visuals features Munga and his crew drinking and partying with some bikini clad females showing off their banging bodies.

“A boy like me nah mad we nah mad over no gal / Cause a boy like we, we nah mad no we nah mad over no gal / Could a pretty like dolly and spend nuff money no we nah mad over no gal,” Munga spits.