Nicki Minaj just touch down in the G5 on Stylo G latest song

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Stylo G released single “Touch Down (Dweet)” featuring The Fanatix has received a new injection after Nicki Minaj posted a video rapping some lines on her Instagram alluded to the track: “Ayo, mm! / Just touched down G5 / You know I’m buzzin’ like a beehive / We still bumpin’ To the C5 / Fendi prints pon mi knee highs (That’s how do do it!)”
Re-posting the video, Stylo G posted:”OMG! God is good. The queen herself Nicki Minaj jumped on the f%$king remix!” The post got massive comments from fellow entertainers:
I Octane: Yes bredda GOD IS GREAT BLESS
Ms Banks: Stylo it is mad.